Viscose Rayon

TELEPHONE VISCOSE EMBROIDERY YARN is continuous 100% Rayon Filament Yarn Lubricated to run very smoothly on any kind of embroidery machine and especially on multi-head computerized embroidery machines.

It Is a High-quality viscose embroidery thread available in various deniers, lengths and comprehensive range of shades.

Packing of 120D/2 Ply in small tubes/cops to be recommended for single head powered machine or multi-head computerized machines for creating any design on all kinds of fabrics including soft leather at a speed exceeding 850 stitches per minute without any breakage or trouble.

Technical Specification

Origin Natural Fibre From Trees
Raw Material 100% Viscose Filament Yarn produced by worlds leading filament Yarn producers.
APPEARANCE Very brilliant; Smooth soft sheen; Natural living silk
MARKET SEGMENT Fashion / Garments / Apparels
STRENGTH High tensile strength compared to cheaper viscose
EMBROIDERING Easy, very flexible thread, precise, clear embroidery
QUALITY Highest Quality
RANGE 460 Colours, including 58 ombré & multicolours
AVAILABILITY All major cities in India
WASHING 95°C; Standard detergent wash
MULTI-WASHING In general, no problem, durability is better than cotton or wool


Washing Instructions

  • Embroidered articles are best washed with mild detergent between 50°-60°c.
  • Rinse thoroughly after washing and never leave wet embroidered garment pressed together.
  • No bleaching agent or optical whitener should be used to remove stains. Do so with benzene and perchioroethylene.
  • Article embroidery with TELEPHONE Yarn can also be dry-cleaned.
  • Place the embroidered fabric on clean cloth. Set the iron temperature suitable for fabric and iron on reverse side. Avoid using steam on embroidered fabric
  • On environmental protection grounds, we are sometimes forced to change dyes and   dyeing process. For these reasons and in spite of maximum effort on our part there is slight possibility of minimum color variation on certain dark colors.


Packaging :



Gross Weight


120 D/2Ply 23 gms 10 Tubes
120 D/2Ply 55 gms 10 Cones / Cops

We also manufacture Viscose embroidery threads as per buyer’s requirement in cones of 1 kgs.

Special Note :

We recommend that before using products in full scale production, the customer should make his own tests to determine the suitability of our products for his own purpose under his operating conditions. As the circumstances under which our products are stored, handled and used are beyond our control, we cannot assume any responsibility for their use by the customer.
In spite of the above mentioned specific instruction, if the customer uses our products in full scale production without prior tests, sustains and proves to us that he has sustained loss due to deficiency in quality of the goods supplied; our liability is limited to the value based on purchase price of the quantity of our goods actually used. Submission Of claim does not absolve the customer of the obligation to pay the amount due.

On environmental protection grounds, we are sometimes forced to change dyes and dyeing process. For these reasons and in spite of maximum effort on our part there is a slight possibility of minimal color differences.

* Sometimes it may be semi fast colors due to original nature of the dyes.